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Along with a clear strategy and an engaging culture, organisation design is a key component of your organisational effectiveness. It sets the foundations, boundaries, and bridges to facilitate collaboration and execution across the organisation.


If you have the following challenges, we can help!

> Design a target operating model, organisational model, organisational structures and roles to help your teams be their best

> Get organised to be more agile, closer to customer needs, more effective, and/or more innovative

> Identify the key capabilities you need now/in the future and develop the best approach to build, maintain and retain those key capabilities

> Define and bring an effective governance to life

> Improve your decision making process

> Evolve your employee value proposition to keep pace with the future of work and people’s needs

> Activate the right HR strategy and HR levers to support your business and cultural ambition

> Define the best approach and sequence for launching a new organisation

> Lead and support leaders and teams as they transition to a new organisation and new ways of working

> Manage change effectively both at collective and individual level

What we do

Based on your business context, we bring highly customised approaches and solutions to help you build a modern and fit-for-purpose organisation. We help you design the appropriate context in which your teams can thrive.

We do this by ensuring the right balance between business needs and employee experience; between strategic direction and operational realities. We help you shape the future and guide your teams through the transition with impactful and human centred coaching and change management interventions.

Scan your organisational strengths and areas for improvement :

> Understand the extent to which your organisational ambition and strategy are understood and resonate with your teams

> Identify future capability requirements for your organisation

> Assess the level of alignment and readiness of all organisational dimensions to support the strategy and get clear recommendations to move forward

> Prioritise transformation steps according to a renewed organisational project, value proposition or for growth

Define effective and engaging organisational models, structures, and roles:

> Translate your strategy into a set of organisation design priorities and criteria

> Define your target operating model

> Generate different organisational models and structures

> Define the best strategy for building and sustaining your strategic capabilities

> Define the best approach and sequence of transition to a new organisation

Watch the video – 6 tips to design a successful and engaging organisation

Enable empowerment, effective decision making and governance:

> Clarify governing bodies and decision rights

> Evolve dynamics around the decision-making process and its follow-up

> Ensure efficient and engaging meetings

> Identify key interfaces between different teams/units and establish strong partnerships to break silos and foster collaboration

Evolve your organisation to be ready for the future of work:

> Understand the current employee experience and the moments that matter to your employees

> Design and implement new ways of working

> Design and implement great workplaces: inclusive, resilient, and engaging

> Define a modern HR strategy and HR principles that align with your cultural ambitions

Why us ?

We are experts in Organisation Design. We bring strong methodologies based on the vast experience we have gained across a range of sectors with clients of different sizes and levels of maturity.

> We bring highly tailored consulting, in strong partnership with your teams throughout the project.

> You can also contact us for specific ad-hoc advisory or mentoring.

> We act as trainers, facilitators and coaches at individual, team or collective level.

> We also developed specific tools to measure, structure and accelerate your transformation journey



  • Proven methodologies and frameworks
  • Highly tailored end-to-end consulting
  • Ad hoc advisory and mentoring

Training, Facilitation &




  • Organisational scan: based on your organisational ambition, scan how well you do, what are your strengths and what priority levers to activate your transformation
  • Governance effectiveness assessment: understand how well your governing bodies and important meetings work; find out how you can improve your decision to make them more effective, powerful and engaging
Contact us for an exploratory discussion, we’re always interested to connect and share idea’s !