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Activate the DNA of your organisation

Your methodological guide to an inspiring organisational culture transformation

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A pragmatic and holistic approach

This methodological guide by Caroline Modave and Barbara Vandermaesen, former HR executives, will help you transform your organisational culture in a pragmatic and holistic way to achieve your strategic goals.
You will discover approaches and tools to better understand your current culture and how it is evolving. You will explore new ways to define and concretise your purpose, cultural ambition, and values that directly support your strategy.
You will understand which organisational levers you need to activate, create the appropriate context to involve everyone in the change, while connecting hearts and minds to create desire and sustainable commitment.

A guide for everyone involved in culture change

Whether you are a member of a management team, a professional in HR, communication, transformation or change management in a company, a consultant, or a student, or simply interested in the topic, you will discover concepts and tools in a pedagogical format illustrated with testimonials and concrete examples.

You will learn how to engage everyone in the collective project to change concrete behaviours in everyday life.

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Leadership Coach & Culture Transformation consultant

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Organisation Design, Culture & Transformation Consultant, Advisor & Coach

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About the authors

Caroline Modave and Barbara Vandermaesen are the co-founders of humind consulting, a boutique consultancy specialising in helping organisations transform by aligning strategy, organisation design, and culture.

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